Friday, February 20, 2009

old habits are hard to kick. so is Vibracathedral Orchestra

here's their double lp that i think the band released themselves (there's no label listed at least) and this one is a free-form doozy. loads of skittering and skattering of random percussion, strings, and keyboards going on underneath the layers upon layers of buzzed out, stoned up, messed around, and faded guitars that shimmer in and out when necessary, but mostly just occupy a drone space to set the mood of the track. this is the orchestra really letting loose and bouncing ideas off each other in a way that is playful but still retaining the overall feel that any of their albums holds, drones that you just want to give yourself to and fade into as they fade you out of this world.

i think this is one of the better of this band's cannon of albums. a bunch of minds on tape. truly exceptional.

Vibracathedral Orchestra - Double lp
(link removed cause i'm a dumbass.)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. i was just comparing the tracklist to what discogs has as the tracklist (, and wondered if you edited this at all, or if it's just hard to tell where one track starts and another one ends and, indeed, all four sides are here in your upload. thanks! ps. you don't happen to have the recently released 'the momentary aviary' LP do you? thanks again!!

kills said...

wow, this is a serious flub on my part. unfortunately, i left 3 tracks out of the download (had to re-download to see this).

the unfortunate problem is the original mp3s are on the other computer i was posting from. i have no way of getting them from the current computer i am on (not able to rip at the moment, my computer is barely able to connect to the internet). so, in response i'm just gonna take down the link!

what can i say? this is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

woah, big time bummer dude! no need to be embarrassed - this item is so hard to get that 10 tracks is better than nothing. i've been a big fan of the band since versatile arab chord chart, and i didn't even know this existed. i look forward to checking your blog every week. maybe someday you can re-up that masterpiece! thanks for the quick reply.