Friday, April 10, 2009

the harmony of the spheres is in the spheres themselves

kind of more like harmony of the circles (get it? records aren't spheres? get it?) released in 1996 on the awesome drunken fish label as a triple lp boxset with one of the more beautiful booklets i've ever seen (i wish i had scans, i've searched for them. acetate, cardstock, and spot varnish everywhere, not to mention awesome blurbs and partial discographies of all the bands. way well done!) this is like the space-drone who's who of the mid nineties. three lps, beautiful box and book, and a hell of a line-up. one side each by flying saucer attack, jessamine, loren mazzacane conners, bardo pond, charalambides, and roy montgomery. this is a really huge comp, and really really really well done. tough for me to give it the full review job, just know that the flying saucer side is awesome (duh, right?), the bardo pond side is stoned ass meanderings that aren't boring for a change, this is some of the best loren connors stuff, the only better jessamine are either the first lp or the triple 7", charalambides were coming off of the houston lp (i think, it was around there) and it's beautiful, and roy montgomery really can do no wrong. if you have not heard this monumental and wonderful compilation, then do yourself the biggest favor you have done in a while and get it now!

Harmony of the Spheres boxset:
part one:
part two:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sorry for the lack of posts.

internet access around here has been shady to say the least. i'm planning on making a few updates this weekend, so stay perked cause this shit is gonna be howt.

on that note, here's to 1993.